Community Meal Programs

20 Chefs. 1,250 Meals

What is KCTC Community Meals?

The KCTC Community Meal Program invites kid volunteers age 6-16 to learn about new cultures, basic cooking skills and the power of compassion while making and serving an ethnic meal with a chef to those in need.

How often and where are the Community Meals held?

We strive to hold monthly meals at local community centers across Canada. Soon we hope to have Community Meals being served across North America!

What are the skill and time requirements?

Enthusiasm and the will to learn are the only requirements! A Community Meal lasts approximately 4 hours from start to finish.

What can I expect my family to gain from this experience?

Our volunteers walk away with so much more than new cooking skills, cultural insights and recipes to make at home. The joy of seeing how proud your child is while serving a meal he/she prepared to a community member in need is unique and emotional.

How can I get my family involved?

To sign up your child age 6-16 for an upcoming event, please email KCTC at Upon confirmation you will receive a pre-event prep sheet to prepare you and your child for the experience. We ask that each child volunteer be accompanied by an adult to share the experience with.