Community Meal FAQs

700 kids. 2,100 hours

How can I get my child involved in a KCTC Community Meal Program?

KCTC is ready to connect with families who want to make a difference by cooking and caring. Email yum@kidscooktocare.com to learn what opportunities exist in your community.

What life skills and values will my family gain from this program?

By participating in a Community Meal program you have the rare opportunity to share with your child the knowledge of new cultures, joy of cooking and first hand caring about and for your community.

We find that after participating in a Community Meal event children walk away feeling new confidence with their kitchen skills and their ability to help those less fortunate. Most participants can't wait to share the recipes with their family and friends at home. This experience opens the door to special family conversations about the world you live in!

How do we prepare for a Community Meal?

Once we have confirmed your participation by email we will send you a detailed agenda for the event along with answers to questions you and your child may have. No kitchen experience is necessary! All that is required is the desire to learn in the kitchen and help those in need.

Are there any costs involved?

Our meal ingredients and instruction are supplied through the generosity of the chefs, their affiliated organizations and vendors. We ask that our child volunteers make a small donation to KCTC to help cover administrative costs.

How can I become a KCTC Ambassador?

KCTC is a volunteer-driven organization. Simply put, the individuals who donate their time and energy to KCTC make it possible for us to further our mission. If you are interested in helping your community Cook to Care please contact us at yum@kidscooktocare.com

What locations does KCTC currently operate in?

KCTC was conceived in the multicultural city of Toronto, Ontario. We are currently growing throughout Canada and it is our intention to spread the caring across North America with a simple recipe for growth and sustainability. Contact us at yum@kidscooktocare.com for more information on Cooking to Care in your area.

Is KCTC on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes! Friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.